Maxi Cryostat with Insert and Solenoid

The Maxi Cryostat Body and 50mm insert fitted with a
5 Tesla Asymmetrical Split Superconductive Solenoid

Physical Specifications

  • Cryostat body: Maxi
  • Insert cryostat: 50 mm Top Access
  • Magnet centre field: 5 Telsa
  • Field description: Asymmetrical
  • Superconductive switch: Fitted
  • Operating current: 70 Amp typical
  • Typical helium hold times: 40 - 48 hours
  • Beam height through magnet: 50 mm maximum

This cryomagnetic system was designed to incorporate an asymmetrical 5.0 Telsa Superconductive Magnet. To maximize liquid helium hold time, the maxi cryostat body was used with the Standard 50 mm Insert. Full sample temperature range is offered; 1.5 ºK - 300 ºK with a maximum sample size of 49 mm. The maxi cryostat body is modified to allow for support of the magnet container and access for the current leads to the magnet. Neutron compatible tails are provided and a single blind spot of 20º is required for inter coil connections.

Further details are available on request